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Oreao Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Reach new levels of success by adding the power of blockchain technology to your company's affiliate program.

OREAO provides a way for companies to super-charge their affiliate programs by plugging into blockchain technology.
Significantly Improve the Performance of Your Affiliate Program by Integrating Blockchain

OREAO uses blockchain technology to operate next-generation affiliate programs for corporate clients throughout the world.

Affiliate Marketing +
Blockchain = 10x Better

$500 + billion in global online sales will be generated from affiliate marketing in 2019

Connected consumers to products and services is a huge global industry and is growing fast, as seen by the rise of 


Integrating blockchain technology into affiliate marketing creates exponential value
Blockchain facilitates digital transactions that are:


OREAO also uses a blockchain technology to manage a Master Affiliate Program for global marketing entrepreneurs.
With OREAO's Master Affiliate Program, you can earn more and effort -- focusing on the things you love to do

OREAO Master Affiliate Program

OREAO's Master Affiliate Program features the infrastructure,
products, tools and support you need to reach new levels of success.

OREAO Affiliates can unlock additional levels of rewards and increase the volume of rewards within underlying affiliate programs and customer referral programs and customer referral programs through rank achievement in Master Affiliate Program.

Each OREAO Affiliate is auto-enrolled into ALL affiliate programs managed by OREAO

Each OREAO Affiliate has a Digital wallet

OREAO rewards its Affiliates with GreenPower (GRN) for every customer purchase of an alliance product

The OREAO Master Affiliate Program is available by invitation only

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